Hey, I‘m Adnan Aga.

I’m a creative technologist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Creative Technologist intern at Anomaly LA.





Currently - NYU ITP // Anomaly LA
- Cartier
- Deeplocal
- Mitsubishi


Smash that soap pump for 20 seconds of music selected right from your most played Spotify tracks of the week, played through a DIY sudsy soundsystem to perfectly time your lathering.

Mashable, Hackster.io, Endgaget, DailyMail, 9to5Mac

Straight 2 Spam

Copy a ridiculously spammy snippet of text that should send your email straight to the recipient’s spam box.

The Next Web, Gizmodo Brazil, Boing Boing, INPUT MAG 

Chad Free Zone

What do Kyles, Chads, Zacharys, and Jason’s have in common? They suck at texting you 🔙.

And internet, you’re right ✅. We’ve run the numbers and the names above truly will ruin your life 🤪. Chad Free Zone is here to make sure those guys never get the chance even if they do look like 🔥 hotties.

The Chad Free Zone Chrome Extension let's you auto swipe left 👈 on anyone with a forbidden name on Tinder. We know Tinder's a great app, but as long as Tinder allows people with names like "Zachary", Chad Free Zone will be there to help.