Hey, I‘m Adnan Aga.

Hello! You’ve reached my website! I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags. Click the little orange bubble in the bottom right to chat with me...like right now.


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Currently - Anomaly
- Cartier
- Deeplocal

Nest Room - Google Store Chelsea (2021)

The Nest room is an interactive Google ad like no other. A simulated living room with a vibrating couch and a screen mimicking the passage of days and seasons outside a window while a projector beamed cues onto the coffee table to let you know how you can interact with devices in the space. The space featured multiple vignettes of daily life and how Google could assist you in your daily life.

I worked on creating the show control mechanism of the space. Aligning the cues and spatial audio to create a truly immersive experience.

Developed as part of the Google Store Launch in Chelsea with Deeplocal.

Imagination Space - Google Store Chelsea (2021)

The Imagination space is a large glass cylinder filled with screens rotating Google Content accompanied by LEDs on the side that correspond to what’s on the screen. A little high def to low def action. My role here was coordinating the content to the LEDs on the side and working on the beginning experience for it.

Developed as part of the Google Store Launch in Chelsea with Deeplocal.



From Zoomers to Boomers - Eric Andre addresses America in an un-authorized TOO HOT 4 ZOOM event! Tune in to experience an un-muted and un-censored Zoom with Eric Andre, Kraft Punk and a ton of special guests and see NEW never-before-seen clips from season 5. I worked on initial concepting and contributing ideas for the event, as well as creating custom zoom controls.
Developed for the live adult swim event with Deeplocal.

Wonderful Weekends (2019)

A weekend festival of helpfulness filled with live entertainment, free food, and fun for the whole family hosted in Maggie-Daley Park let Chicagoans win themed prizes and learn about new Google features while using a giant multi kiosk gumball machine. Prizes ranged from $50 Gift Cards to Cubs Tickets.


Google I/O (2019)

First demoed at Google IO - The Smart Herb Garden and Cookie Jar uses the Google smart home API, an extensive library of device traits that allows developers to create their own custom IoT devices and trigger custom physical actions using the Google Assistant.


Nike Shoecase (2019)

The NikePlus ShoeCase is an interactive experience that allows NikePlus members to scan their Pass (QR code within the Nike app) for a chance to secure their pair of the latest drop at the Washington Heights “Power Door” Foot Locker location.


Google Hardware Store (2018)

The first pop-up Google store in Soho gave New Yorkers their first taste of a Google Retail experience featuring an  interactive treehouse.

It also offers a little balcony with a Pixel 3 where you can say, “Hey, Google, take a selfie,” and have you picture taken. (It’ll be waiting for you as you exit in the mailbox.)


the window changes!! Screen to LED, it lo-fis the screens to pills and dots