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The BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS (sorry for yelling) is a ubiquitous piece of culture. We decided to make it ask for kisses instead. We recorded our friends at ITP saying the statement “Come give me a kiss” in multiple languages and then timed the motors of the fish to match the audio.

Press the button, Billy asks you for a kiss, get close, and he makes a big ol smooch.

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Arduino, Physical Computing, Adobe Audition

(More projects coming soon I swear...who doesn’t randomly wanna re-do their portfolio at 11:43 PM on a Wednesday.

Github (nerd)

Born and Raised in Dubai. I now live in Brooklyn like every other creative technologist. I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags.
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Anomaly (Currently)
The New School - Parsons
Cartier Innovation