A sculpture 
shaped like my nose
that smells things using AI
Adnose was my graduate thesis at ITP.  Get ready for all the buzzwords... I 3D scanned my face and then 3D printed a large nose. The nose is an interactive sculpture which uses Google Lens (I had to do some weird hacky stuff here) and ChatGPT, to predict the smell of any object presented to it.

The smell description is then said aloud using a cloned voice of an Afrin Commerical (duh). Oh and one of the nostril’s prints out the description like a booger.

Currently on display at Olfactory Art Keller’s Cubiculum Odoratus.

3D Printed, coded in python, lil Raspberry Pi action in there. thermal printer. 
Olfactory Art Keller 
Raspberry Pi,


(More projects coming soon I swear...who doesn’t randomly wanna re-do their portfolio at 11:43 PM on a Wednesday.

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Born and Raised in Dubai. I now live in Brooklyn like every other creative technologist. I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags. 
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The New School - Parsons
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