A more playful take
on an old classic.
With each passing year, whimsy, color, and odd geometries are removed from PCBs in favor of standard sizes and shapes. But one thing stands between us and the mighty force of hardware standardization: the humble prototyping breadboard. Odd shapes, bright colors, all together on one small board! Farmboard is a maximalist redesign of the the half-size breadboard, leaning into the absurd aesthetic of electronic prototyping.While these parts work, this is meant to be an art object. We don't recommend using this for important engineering tasks, and don't guarantee its performance.

For a full farm-to-circuit experience, each limited edition (50) Farmboard kit contains everything you need to make your prototyping projects a little more farm-fresh. Including:

1x Farmboard (Half-Sized Breadboard)
1x Potentio-MOO-ter (Variable Resistor 10K Potentiometer)
1x LED
1x CR2032 Breadboard Holder
1x CR2032 Battery
1x Jumper Wire

Breadboard, fake grass lasercut to fit just right, plastic cows and more all in a cute little package.
Made with Taylor Tabb and Andres Kim 🫡

(More projects coming soon I swear...who doesn’t randomly wanna re-do their portfolio at 11:43 PM on a Wednesday.

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Born and Raised in Dubai. I now live in Brooklyn like every other creative technologist. I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags. 
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Anomaly (Currently)
The New School - Parsons
Cartier Innovation