An spotify connected
soap dispenser
that plays 20 seconds 
of your favorite music
Smash that soap pump for 20 seconds of music selected right from your most played Spotify tracks of the week, played through a DIY sudsy soundsystem to perfectly time your lathering.

Scrubber was a IoT connected soap dispenser that was created during the early months of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Go make your own - We put the instructions on Github!

Soap Dispenser found in a toilet-paper-less target, coded in node js. 
Made with Taylor Tabb 🫡

(More projects coming soon I swear...who doesn’t randomly wanna re-do their portfolio at 11:43 PM on a Wednesday.

Github (nerd)

Born and Raised in Dubai. I now live in Brooklyn like every other creative technologist. I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags.
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Anomaly (Currently)
The New School - Parsons
Cartier Innovation