Straight 2 Spam

Generate a block of spammy invisible text for emails you want to bury
A website created to send emails directly to someone’s junk folder

Love emails but hate people? Don’t want someone 🤡 at your party 🥳 but have to invite them 🤢 cause your mom 💁‍♀️ made you? Trust Straight 2 Spam to send your v important email 📧 straight to their spam 🗑Click the button below👇 to copy a nasty ❌ ooey ❌ gooey ❌ spam-keyword filled invisible message 🔤 for your email that you totally sent on time ⏰ but the 🐦 dodo-brain 🧠 won't see it because they didn’t check their spam folder 📂 (Just make sure you're not in the recipient's address book 📇, or all bets are off 🙅‍♀️)

Number 1 on Hacker News baby, let me have this pls.
Click and paste it into the email you’re sending

HTML + CSS, A lot of research trying to figure out how spam works.


(More projects coming soon I swear...who doesn’t randomly wanna re-do their portfolio at 11:43 PM on a Wednesday.

Github (nerd)


Born and Raised in Dubai. I now live in Brooklyn like every other creative technologist. I love making whatever weird little ideas that come to my head with a bunch of great people. I’ve worked on projects like giant gumball machines to musical soap dispensers to grass tote bags. 
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Anomaly (Currently)
The New School - Parsons
Cartier Innovation